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Dr Khambadkone has his Paediatric Cardiology private practice in London at the The Portland Hospital, and at International and Private Patients Great Ormond Street Hospital. All outpatient appointments are seen personally by Dr Khambadkone and last approximately 40 minutes. He offers a fast-track referral service, enabling your child to have a same or next-day appointment. A referral from your GP is not mandatory. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations and may have to apply a cancellation or missed appointment fee. We  thank you for your understanding.

Both institutions provide world-class private healthcare for children under 18 in a warm, safe and clean environment. All medical care and surgery provided by Dr Khambadkone is supported by the Paediatric Intensive Care unit, with access to the most highly advanced medical technology.


Dr Khambadkone also performs procedures at both hospitals and your child will be seen by Dr Khambadkone post procedure as often as required. Another specialist Paediatric Cardiologist will attend to your child if Dr Khambadkone is away on holiday or attending to an unavoidable urgent medical emergency.


As a NHS Consultant, Dr Khambadkone developed the adolescent cardiology and transition clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital, with his role as a Lead for Transition in Cardiology forming close links with the adult congenital heart diseases team at the St Bartholomew's Heart Centre. In the private sector, he has formed similar close links with the adult congenital cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, electrophysiologists, and congenital cardiac surgeons operating on adults. He will ensure smooth transition for young persons and their families during a challenging time for them with a change in model of care but with maintenance of continuity and confidence.



Dr Khambadkone sees both insured and self paying patients. 


If you are self paying and your appointment is at The Portland Hospital, a consultation invoice will be sent directly to you and the payment is required in full prior to the day of the appointment. ECG and Echocardiogram charges are to be paid at the hospital. 

If you are self paying at International and Private Patients Great Ormond Street Hospital - Consultations, ECG and Echocardiogram charges - are all to be paid directly at the hospital. 


Please contact Dr Khambadkone's team or the hospital for further details on consultation fees and charges for ECG and echocardiogram. Dr Khambadkone's private secretary can be contacted on 07741638775; Th number for International and Private Patients Great Ormond Street Hospital is 0207 762 6822. Portland Hospital can be contacted on 0203 811 6947 or 0203 553 3898.



If you are insured, please obtain the authorisation code from your private medical insurance provider prior to your appointment or procedure. Please check your policy limits or any other terms and conditions, as you will be responsible for any costs that may not be covered by the insurance provider. Whilst it is not mandatory for Dr Khambadkone to have a GP referral letter, your private insurer may require this. If your appointment is at The Portland Hospital, please ensure that we have your authorisation code and policy number at the very earliest, before your appointment.


The appointment will involve a brief relevant general examination and a detailed examination of the heart, looking at the chest shape, pulsations from the heart, assessing by touch to see if any of the abnormal heart sounds cause vibrations, and finally auscultation, which is listening of the chest over the heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Babies and infants, can easily be distracted to achieve this. Toddlers being curious, inquisitive and active may need specific distraction with toys or electronic devices. Young children tend to be most anxious and need a lot of reassurance that it is all painless and can be made into a fun activity. Older children and teenagers may need reassurance, privacy, comfort and support with presence of a parent or chaperones.

Dr Khambadkone ensures families are made to feel as comfortable and reassured throughout the consultation, diagnosis and management. Certain measurements such as height, weight, pulse or heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturations are likely to be measured based on the individual patient.

The Portland Hospital HCA UK

205 The Portland Hospital, 209 Great Portland St, London W1W 5AH

+44 (0) 203 811 6947; +44 (0) 203 553 3898

International and Private Patients, 

Great Ormond Street Hospital,  London, WC1N 3JH

+44 (0)20 7762 6822;

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